Positioning Equipment Forms 

Clicking on the “Fillable Form” choices below will open a form that you can fill out on, and submit from, your phone, tablet, or computer. Or, if you prefer, there are also PDFs you can download, fill out, and send on to us by email or snail mail. (You can also take a photo of them and send them as an email - not text - attachment, as well.)

Bolster Chair

Bolster submit online

bolster PDF (2 pages)

corner chair

corner chair submit online

corner chair pdf (2 pages)

floor chair

floor chair submit online

Floor chair pdf (2 pages)

high chair

high chair submit online

high chair pdf (2 pages)

Standing Table

standing table submit online

Standing table pdf

supine stander

supine stander submit online

supine stander pdf

If you need a different piece of equipment, you can let us know using the general form, or by email, or call.