Environmental Adaptations

Adaptations sometimes need to be made in order to better suit existing equipment or the environment to the particular needs of the individual. The small, intricate switches on many toys make them inaccessible to some children. We modify them to be easily activated. At times furniture and other items around the house can be modified to provide the support needed to use them easily and safely. Adaptations are made in consultation with the therapist and family, and are custom designed to fit the needs of the individual.

Examples of Adaptations :

"I had one family who moved from out of state and forgot the foot rest. Without some method for the young lad to be able to push himself up in his wheelchair he would have continued to acquire damage to the nerves in his legs and lower back. [Special Needs Solutions] created a device that attached to his chair so he is able to readjust himself and thereby they helped to save him from acquiring any more nerve damage..." - RL, DDD Support Coordinator